5 Tips to Create Best Pins for Optimum Results [Pinterest]

Create Best Pins for Optimum Results

Ever wondered how powerful Pinterest can be for your blog or business? Yet you’re struggling to find good tips to create best pins for optimum results? It’s 2020 and Pinterest is one of the latest and best Social Platform to get started with your business. From small blog owners to big business houses, everyone establishes their brand on Pinterest.

Pinterest for Business – Introduction

Just as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, Pinterest has established itself as a unique and highly popular platform for brands to promote their business. It’s free to create a Pinterest account – personal or business. And if you haven’t created one, you should seriously consider getting one right now. This is because we’re going to share with you some very very powerful aspect of Pinterest and how you can get the most from this emerging social media platform with simple steps. So we come up with these tips to create best pins for optimum results on your Pinterest business.

Pinterest for Business
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What are Pins and How does Pinterest Work?

Pins are just like tweets(Twitter) or Instagram posts. They are either images or videos you save from various websites on your Pinterest account. Someone saved an image from a website, you saw the image and saved it with a single click. That’s it, simple. You can also upload a photo or video directly to your Pinterest account.

Once somebody pins a pin (content post), they become publicly circulated on feeds based on other user’s interests. Say if you saved a pin related to Home Designs, someone who saved similar item will likely see your pin.

5 Tips to Create Best Pins for Optimum Results

Now that we know the basics of Pinterest, let’s dive right into our main topic. Although you can save images and videos of any size and resolution, here are some important tips you should consider following. This will give you the best results in the long run. Yeah, Pinterest pins take time to appear on feeds (unless you follow the account or board).

Tip #1: Focus on Image/Video Quality and Resolution

This is the most important factor to create a successful Pin. Now a successful pin is basically one that sends out the message it intended to. It is also the pin that fetches you the maximum impression, saves and click(to website URL). It’s a simple fact that if your pin is not clear (low quality), no one will bother saving. So it must be a high quality pin. Moreover, it should also be unique so that it contributes to the whole Pinterest community.

As regard to its resolution, here’s the recommendation from Pinterest itself:

Use high-quality, vertical images that will stand out in people’s feeds. We recommend a 2:3 aspect ratio (e.g. 1,000 x 1,500 pixels). Other ratios could cause your Pin to truncate, or could negatively impact performance.

source: Pinterest

Tip #2: Pin a Unique Pin that Contributes to the Community

I can’t stress this enough. The uniqueness of your pin is a very important aspect for your success. In fact, if you simply pin those images which are already pinned by many, you run the risk of getting your account disabled. We’ll talk more on how to get back disabled Pinterest accounts.

If you’re sourcing your images from various royalty free repositories such as Pexels or Pixabay, you may want to edit them and make the unique. This is a free option to get unique images. Another extra tip there.

Tip #3: Provide Context or Description of What your Pin is About

This is another important point on tips to create the best pin for optimum results on Pinterest. Although viewers will look into the image and what’s inside, you can’t ignore the description and context of your pin. This will help in getting your pin be found on searches. How do you think images rank on Google search? Yeah, the alt texts. On Pinterest, your description (or title) are your alternative text for proper optimization.

Tip #4: Pin Consistently but Not in Bulk

Adding pins on a regular and consistent basis gives better results. Moreover, this will ensure a consistent views and website traffic in time. More about Pinterest for Blog Traffic can be read here.

Adding several pins in bulk will pose a risk of spamming and violating Pinterest’s terms of use. This must be avoided at all cost. You don’t want your account being disabled or flagged after you work so hard for months.

There are many automation and scheduling services such as Tailwind. You can check out their trial offers. But it can be costly if you don’t have sufficient funds. Otherwise, just stick to manual pinning, one or two at a time. This is very very important and I can’t emphasize enough on this one among the useful tips to create best pins for best results and free exposure.

Tip #5: Create Boards and Include Proper Descriptions

The aim of this tip is to better optimize your boards as a whole. This will ensure that your pins receive more impression (similar boards/interests on feeds). Create boards category-wise. For example, a separate board for Hairstyles, Makeup, Clothing, Shoes etc. Make sure to save and add pins to the most relevant boards for best results.

Bonus Tip: Promote Pins and Collaborate with Others

This is more of an optional tip to create the best pins for optimum results. You can ignore it and there’s no risk involved. Promoting a pin on Pinterest is cheaper than Facebook or Instagram post boosting. Moreover, you’ll find that it gives pretty decent results.

Tips to Create Best Pins for Optimum Results
Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Alternatively, you can also ask others to collaborate with you on their boards or yours. This will increase the activities on your pins and it acts like guest posting with mutual link back.

Quick RoundUp

When we say tips, it might give you a an idea of a rather common and wide approach. However, in order to create the best pins for optimum results, you must create high quality, unique and optimum resolution images and videos. Segregate them board-wise and provide proper description. If you can follow the above tips, you’ll be amazed by the results they produce. However, it’s important to note that Pinterest pins takes about 3-4 weeks to appear on feeds.

This is probably because there are just too many contents being added daily, hourly and it takes time for your pins to get discovered. That’s more of a common sense. Having said that, you should see your analytics spiking in green within about 3 weeks.

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