Thrive Theme Builder: Create A Custom WordPress Theme

Create Custom WordPress Theme

Have you been trying to create your own custom WordPress theme that’s unique and beautiful and SEO friendly? Guess what? You can create your own custom WordPress theme using a very easy to use tool.

That tool(you’re looking for) is the Thrive Theme Builder. And the best part is you don’t need any coding knowledge to use this powerful tool.

For WordPress Bloggers – New & Experienced

WordPress is by far the single most popular Content Management System for bloggers around the globe. If you’re a blogger using WordPress, you must be aware that your blog’s theme is a very important aspect when it comes to user experience, loading speed and eventually SEO.

WordPress uses themes to display your blog and web pages. So does Blogger. On both the platforms, you can install beautiful and unique designed themes which is a signature to your blog.

Create Custom WordPress Theme With Thrive Theme Builder

Although a lot of premium themes are available, it’s always better to go for premium ones especially if you intend to present your blog professionally and scale your business. You can purchase such premium themes and install on your blog.

Introducing Thrive Theme Builder

Alternative, you can use theme builders such as Thrive Theme Builder. This is actually a preferred way because you would then be having a custom theme which is not available for purchase or download anywhere else.

This gives that very much deserved unique design to your blog. Most popular blogs and successful bloggers use custom theme that suits their unique requirement. You can use it too.

Where To Buy Thrive Theme Builder

If you want to jump right in to buy Thrive Theme Builder, you can do so by following this Purchase link here. However, if you want to learn more about this powerful and easy to use Theme builder, you can read on as we describe the features and how to use the software.

Create A Custom WordPress Theme Without Coding Knowledge

First, when we say you can build a WordPress theme without any coding involved, sounds a bit absurd, doesn’t it? Well, actually there’s a pre-built theme by the name Shapeshift when you purchase Thrive Theme Builder plugin and install it on your blog.

You must be already aware of Elementor, the popular visual WordPress designer? Thrive Theme Builder is pretty much like it, except for the fact that it’s more powerful and a full fledged theme builder.

Create custom WordPress theme

You must have seen many beautiful WordPress themes which are used by some sites but are not available for purchase anywhere. Guess what? They are probably built using this very plugin – Thrive Theme Builder.

Features of Thrive Theme Builder

You can start building your own custom WordPress theme using this Shapeshift theme, modify it, add elements and blocks.

Thrive Architect Lite comes bundled with the package to build your page or post templates. Included is a 5 conversion focus Homepage templates as well. The package also comes with a 7 SEO Optimized Silo Page templates and 132 Pre-designed Page Blocks.

You are also getting access to Thrive University to learn more about creating awesome WordPress sites. Plus, one year of unlimited updates and you can say bye bye to a host of plugins you’d otherwise need to install if not for Thrive Theme Builder.

Final Words

You know how disappointing it is when you purchase a new theme and install it, your new website does not look as good as it’s shown in the demo. It’s many bloggers’ disappointment, and that includes me. In fact, I’ve purchased 5-6 premium WordPress themes and almost all of them looks entirely different on my site once installed.

See, you need a good front end theme designing software that gives you exactly what your site would look like, with every stroke you make. And the host of plugins to make your site better need to be done away with as they may rather break or slow your site down.

That’s exactly the problem that Thrive Theme Builder solves. With this powerful plugin, you’ll never find yourself needing to purchase another WordPress theme.

The best part? You can even export the them you’ve just build, saved it with a custom name, and use it for other sites of yours.

So what are you waiting for? Get Thrive Theme Builder today! You even get a 30 day money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the result. There’s no loss to you and we’re pretty sure you won’t need a refund by the way.

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