Privacy Policy

This page details our Privacy Policy. The following terms may be used in the context of the following.

“We”, “Our” or “This Website” to mean “You” to mean any visitor to the website other than webmaster.

What Data we collect about you

If you’re accessing our website, we may collect data saved in your browser cookies. These cookies are used to serve you with ads relevant to your interest or browsing or search history using the same browser on your computer.

We may also collect your Name, Email address as well as Website URL when you leave comments or contact us by filling the comment or contact forms.

However, these details are not shared with any other third party and are not used in any way for spamming or promoting illegal products.

Usage of Analytics and data collected by it

We installed Google Analytics which collects visitor’s data such as location, acquisition, demography such as age group, gender, interest and other such details. These analytics data are used to improve user experience on our site. We are consistently making efforts to make your browsing of this website meaningful, smooth and fast.

Comments on our website

If you leave comments on any of our posts or pages, your data will be retained for as long as the comment stays on our website. Besides, prior to approval of your comments, they may be sent to automatic spam detection. We do not allow any spammy comments and contents to appear on our site.

Promotion of Affiliate Products and Monetisation

As with most other websites, we may use affiliate links through which we earn commissions for successful purchases. This does not incur any additional cost to the buyer as if they bought from a different link.

Your control over your data

Should you request for any data related to any comments or feedback you have submitted be removed, we will do so. But the associated comment or feedback will also be removed as well. Your browsing of this website entails your agreement to our privacy policy and your acceptance of any terms mentioned herein.

Feel free to contact us for any feedback on your experience of visiting our website.

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