How To Manage Multiple Blogs Efficiently

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It’s yet again another Webmaster’s tips and how to’s we have today. If you’re having more than one blog, how to manage multiple blogs efficiently is definitely something you’d be interested to read.

That’s why we come up with this very challenge Webmasters and Bloggers are facing. It’s not at all a trouble running and maintaining a single blog.

In fact, one of the biggest advantage is that you can dedicate all your time to work on that blog. While it’s true for some, most of us do have more than one blog and struggle to manage them efficiently.

Why Should You Run and Manage Multiple Blogs?

It’s true that micro niche blogs are easier to start and rank for the particular niche you’re in. And when you have more than one topic of interest which, most of us are at some point, we come up with new blogs on different niche.

Sometimes, certain keyword with good CPC and search volume combined with low competition are your reasons (and it’s a perfect reason too) to start a new blog when you already have one running.

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The advantage of managing multiple blogs is that you can focus on different niche and this gives variety to your keyword research and overall content creation.

Manage Multiple Blogs Efficiently for Webmaster

That’s a good thing because we all know, variety is the spice of life. That saying is true to blogging as well. So it’s perfectly fine running multiple blogs.

What’s more, what’s the point of running just a single blog and not utilizing that hosting you’ve paid for the year already. And why rely on a single blog? Multiple blogs gives you multiple streams of income. Besides, we all know that ranking keeps changing and they act as a backup in times of Google Algorithm Updates.

How To Manage Multiple Blogs Efficiently

So we’ve come to the heart of our topic – managing multiple blogs efficiently. There’s no perfect fool proof way to do it but there certainly are steps that can help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Set a Routine For Each Blog(Prioritize)

This is one of the most important steps to get started with how to manage multiple blogs efficiently.

Apart form organizing your blog details (such as logins, social media and other related aspects), you need to set a routine and give a set of time for each of your blogs.

Set a Routine For Each Blog

The more number of blogs you actively manage, the lesser time you’ll have for each blog. So plan accordingly.

For instance, you can give 3-4 hours each a blog which will comprise of keyword research and content creation. This can be done easily once you set your routine. Then every third day or once a week, you can set that particular time for promotion and link building.

Find Inspiration on Your Successful Contents

It’s not easy to create great content on a daily basis. This means that you don’t have to update or add new contents daily. It’s difficult and not practical.

Instead, spend more time on keyword research and then on content creation. A single solid content a week is worth more than 5 rubbish articles.

Again, it’s not possible to make all your contents ranking or should we say, successful. You may create 3 pieces of articles on different topics and niche a week. Focus and take inspiration from the one that gives best result.

Inspiration is what gives you the drive to get started and move your fingers. It’s very important for bloggers to draw inspiration to create content.

Don’t get distracted with social media and other bloggers sharing screenshots which are too good to be true. Rather, focus on your own blogs and work on them.

Consistency is The Key

Creating and updating new and existing contents on your blogs is a good practice. It’s a good way to update certain facts and add new and additional information.

In that, it’s better to be consistent and add 1-2 new articles a week rather than bombarding your blog(s) with 5 articles a day and not adding any new ones for 2 weeks.

Now, why is consistently adding more content pieces over a period of time better than adding them all at once? Here’s the truth.

Googlebot and other search engine bot crawls web pages every now and then. The chances of getting a new crawl is better when new contents and new URLs are found on your blogs.

Most of the popular SEO plugins such as Rankmath and Yoasts includes a feature wherein they ping search engines every time a new content is added. So I hope this is not difficult to understand.

Use Same CMS for Effective Management

I run most of my blogs on WordPress. This way, I can easily manage all of them since the dashboard and the whole management is similar.

Working on different platforms can be time consuming and thereby losing your efficiency. So this one is a point noteworthy on how to manage multiple blogs efficiently.

However, this may not always be possible. Say if you’re running a Wallpaper website and a custom coded SaaS website along with content blog on WordPress. You will need to allot yourself more time on certain platforms.

Outsourcing Blog Management

Apart from the above points, one way to manage multiple blogs efficiently is to outsource some of them. There are many freelancers ready to take up the job.

You can find them on Fiverr or Upwork or PeoplePerHour etc who are ready to manage your blog for a certain amount. They are cheaper than most SEO agencies.

You can simply create an editor/SEO editor or Author account for them while you focus on your other blog(s) which you choose to do it yourself.

How Challenging is Running Multiple Blogs?

We briefly stated already before, that running and maintaining multiple blogs is not an easy task. It needs dedication, inspiration apart from time and energy.

While many people struggle to add fresh contents to their single blog, here you are managing like what, 5 blogs on different niche?

It can be a real trick to the brain many times since you have to quickly switch between niche and topics.

Besides, it’s easy to turn out to loose your focus on any particular blog and not one of them being successful in the end.

But on the bright side, success in blogging is not something achieved overnight. It takes months and years of hard work and dedication. Then there comes Google Broadcore updates in between (no kidding).

How Many Blogs do You Manage?

Finally, this post was create for those of you maintaining multiple blogs. If you’re having just one blog, good for you. Focus on it and take it to the next level.

I believe that most bloggers who make real money online must be managing multiple blogs. And we hope you find this post on how to manage multiple blogs efficiently, helpful.

I currently manage about 6 blogs. How many blogs do you manage and what point do we miss out today? Please share in the comments below.

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