How To Make Money From Home As a Kid

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It’s the lockdown period due to coronavirus pandemic all round the world and everyone is staying home. Meanwhile, it’s also the best time to figure how how to make money from home, even as a kid.

This is interesting because even kids and teenagers can make money from home. And we’re going to discuss just about how to do that.

Learning how to make money from home as a kid could be a very interesting and rewarding lesson. You could help your parents with bills or even make a career out of it.

What Activities Can Kids Take up From Home?

There are a number of activities kids can take up to do something they are interested in, and are beneficial in many ways too. We’re not talking about underage employment here. Let’s not confuse with that.

There are legitimate jobs to make money from home as a kid. We’ll list out the best ways for kids to make money from home now.

1. Creating and Selling Crafts

If your find interest in Crafts, this is a very good way to start. Crafts can be simple and easy to create such as bracelets, keychains or cute design elaborate door hangings. You can create these simple crafts and sell them to your family friends, neighbours and relatives.

How To Make Money from Home as a Kid by Selling Crafts

2. Help Parents and Neighbours with Various Activities

There are a number of activities you can take up as a kid to help your parents and elderly neighbours. This includes walking a dog, mowing lawn, helping with the dishes and other general yard work.

Although this should not be done with a motive to earn money, it’s rewarding and you can get paid easily as long as your parents and neighbours are satisfied with your good work.

3. Washing Car and Cleaning the House

Yes! This is another easy way to make money at home as a kid. You can wash your car or help with cleaning the house. This is not limited to just your home. You can help others in need and get paid for it as well.

Make Money Washing Cars as a Kid

4. Sell Lemonade (Lemonade Stand)

This activity is tried and tested side hustle for all kids. People love lemonades which makes it a great business idea for kids. Adults will not hesitate to spend 2 or 3 dollars for a cup of lemonade just because your a kid!

5. Sell Old Junk at Home

I hope almost everyone has that old junk lying in the garage or elsewhere in the yard. You can consult your parents and elders and unless they will be needed in future, you can get rid of them by selling them.

Better yet, take the help of adults and share the selling price. It could be one easy way to cash in on those old unused items lying idle anyway.

6. Create a YouTube Channel for Toys Review

This one requires the help of a parent or adult. You don’t have to be an expert to start a YouTube channel for your kid.

As long as you have Google account, you can get started right away. Customize your Kid’s channel with photos and beautify the channel’s home page.

Then with the help of their parents, kids can start recording videos of the new toys bought for them and review them.

In fact, some people have successfully done so. You can do it too and this is a very easy one to make some money from home.

The amount of money you can make depends on the views, viewer countries. However, note that the YouTube channel monetization (with Adsense) requirements must be met for this to work. It’s a little different from Adsense for blogs.

How Easy is it to Make Money From Home as a Kid?

Making money from home as a kid is not very difficult as you can see from the above options. If you are to choose the easiest way for you to make money from home as a kid, which one would you pick?

The first 5 points are pretty easy and very much doable while the 6th point needs proper guidance from parents and adults.

Can Kids Really Make Money from Home?

Yes! Why no? We’ve already listed many options on how to make money from home as a kid. If you give a little thought, you will find many other opportunities we missed out as well.

And kids, it’s completely alright to make money from home while doing your work and helping out your parents. In fact this should be encouraged so that kids will know how to earn and the value of earning.

Parents can Help With Kids and Give them Proper Guide

It’s important for parents to give proper guidance to kids so that they feel they are encouraged and are supported. This will enable your kid to complete the tasks given to him. Be with them when they carry out such important works.

Encourage Kids and Guide them as parents

Most importantly, parents should help them and guide them in managing their finances once they start earning, no matter how small they may be.

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