How to Create a Travel Blog [in Less Than 1 Hour]

Create a Travel Blog with Low Budget

if you’re a frequent traveler or are going out often, you may be looking for how to create a travel blog. Writing a travel blog is easier than you think. We will tell you exactly how to get started and your travel blog will be up and running in less than an hour!

Creating a travel blog is easy. You can make a beautiful travel blog on WordPress with no knowledge of coding or any computer language. Did you know that people while creating blogs as their passion, even make money with them? Besides, we will also include tips to make your travel blog successful so stay tuned.

Create a Travel blog – Things You Need

  1. A Domain name for your Blog
  2. A Hosting plan (simple shared hosting to start with)
  3. Install WordPress and customize your site
  4. Add contents about your travel experiences

We will take a detailed look at these steps and in the process, describe how to create a travel blog.

Create Travel Blog in Less than $50 on WordPress

First thing first, let’s see the list of things you’ll need to create your travel blog. The requirements are similar to creating any other new blog. So here are the basic things you need.

1. Domain – The Name for your Travel Blog [Under $5 for a year]

A domain is required to start any blog. Since we’re going to tell you how to create a travel blog that’s professional looking, a custom domain is a must.

Now there are various domain registrars you can look up. Dynadot, Godaddy, Porkbun, namecheap, Namesilo and many more. Godaddy has good offers for first time customers, otherwise it’s pricey there. On the other hand, Porkbun has $3.90 for upto 5 domains registratuion (I go for porkbun). Dynadot also has good deals at $7.99 per domain.

Select a .com extension as that’s the most popular and most common extension and easiest to remember.

2. Get Hosting for Your Blog [$5 a month]

Once you’ve registered your domain, the next thing is to purchase a hosting. Look up for the cheapes and best shared hosting on Linux. For this, you have many options including Interserver, Namecheap, Siteground. I personally prefer Siteground (this site is hosted there).

I have a promo code that offers 60% OFF on Interserver’s $5 shared hosting ($25 for a year after discount). To get the promo code, comment below and I’ll be glad to send you. Always try to go for Cpanel shared hosting as that’s the easiest to understand and manage.

3. Get Started with WordPress Installation

Now that you have both the domain and hosting account set up. Point your domain to your hosting nameservers. Install WordPress and start customizing. Create a logo, select a nice beautiful travel theme from the hundreds of thousands of available ones. Your Travel Blog on WordPress platform is ready to go.

4. Start Scripting your Travelogue Online

Now that your beautiful travel blog is ready, you can start adding contents. Without the contents it will look empty. Besides, although the theme and domain name are important, your content is what people will read about after all.

How To Create a Travel Blog on WordPress

How easy and simple is that? You can complete all these in less than an hour. Domain registration ~ 10 mins. Signing up for Hosting ~ 10 minutes. Setting up your blog ans customizing ~ 15 to 25 minutes. That’s pretty much about how to create a travel blog on WordPress.

I chose WordPress mostly because of it’s powerful features, easy to use and thousands of free tutorials available online.

Tips to Make Your Travel blog successful

For a frequent traveler and someone visiting lots of new places, travel blog is easier to maintain than other niche. This is because contents is available in plenty. You can write reviews about a particular place, or something you like or your overall experiences. You can include places to visit nearby etc.

Write Meaningful, Easy to Read Post Contents

A with the success of any other blog, you need to be able to present your ideas and experiences with a simple and easy to understand language. Add pictures, high quality ones with the best view of the place you took.

Add HQ Pictures and Videos

It is also a good idea to include videos. Your videos may be uploaded on YouTube and you can embed them on your post content. Create interesting and realistic reviews and contents which will make others want to read your blog.

Use Catchy Titles Like News Websites

Select a catchy Title or Heading which will compel people to actually click through and read what you wrote for them. I’m sure you’ve seen many such titles on the web. Get inspiration from them and practise.

Share your Blog, Spread the Word

Last but not the list, share. Whenever you post a content or a travelogue piece, do always to share them with your friends and followers on social media. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram etc are popular areas you can share.

What’s the point of sharing beautiful moments on your blog if not for others to read, right? So share them and share them often. They will bring you free traffic to your blog. You may also like to promote them initially to gain some following and traffic traction.

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Alternate Ways to Create a travel Blog

Apart from WordPress, there are other alternatives ways to create a travel blog. Wix is a popular platform where users can easily design their own blog layout. With no coding skills required, you can simply drag and drop elements to create your blog beautifully.

You may also consider using Blogger by Google. You can sign up for a free Blogger using your Google account and create a blog for free there.

Then there’s Joomla as an alternative CMS to WordPress. But it’s not as popular as WordPress. If you know coding or any web programming language, you may choose to go with that as well. The limit is endless.

Conclusion and Wrap Up

I hope that you’re able to follow our guide and find this article useful. If you’d like to ask any questions, please drop your message in the comments below. We will reply at the earliest. This article is focused mainly on how to create a travel blog on WordPress with a low budget in a short time.

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