How I got Adsense Approval on New Domain [Case Study]

Approval for Adsense

Can I get Adsense approval on new domain? How to make money with Google Adsense? If these are some questions you’ve been asking, let me give you some insight today.

As a blogger, I believe that we’re all looking for ways to monetize our new blog. We know that Adsense is one of the most popular and best way to monetize your blog with display advertising.

And if you’re like me, you must have struggled a lot while applying for Adsense as a Publisher. It’s no simple task, yet it’s not very difficult. That’s why I came up with the topic how I got Adsense Approval on a new domain in just 15 days after registration of the domain.

We will take a look at this interesting story (case study) today. If you’re one of those facing difficulty getting Adsense approval, this is just the right place for you. I promise, by the end of this article, you’ll get to know what I did and how I did, that got me Adsense Approval on New Domain.

Can I get Adsense Approval With a New Domain?

Short answer – yes. Anyone who tells you it is not possible is either lying or not doing it right themselves. Some say that your domain needs to be at least 6 months old. Anyway, we’ll prove them wrong today.

To elaborate on our answer, I purchased this blog’s domain on 5th April 2020. You can check the whois record for yourself. I applied for Adsense on 15th April 2020 after setting up the blog, adding contents and did some customization.

Adsense Approval on New Domain

I got Adsense approval on 20th April 2020 – just 7 days. I can tell you that most of my other established websites got approval much earlier. This time around, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, constrains in every business occurs and maybe that’s the reason why it took whole 7 days.

Key take-away point: Be optimistic, be prepared to succeed.

What I Did to My New Domain for Adsense Approval

I registered the domain with the intention in mind to set up a blog. The blog would cover topics on blogging, social media marketing and other affiliate marketing.

Despite knowing the stiff competition in these niche, I still chose it because I wanted to pen out my experiences since I started out blogging back in 2010.

So, on the same day after registering my new domain, I set up a WordPress blog on SiteGround Hosting. The initial steps are usual – Site’s name, Tag line, logo and other customization including selection of a light fast loading theme.

Adding SSL through cloudflare, installing plugins and started adding contents. The content part is very very important here and will cover the main center of our topic today.

One important step here is to add pages that reflects the transparency of your blog. These are usually “Contact”, “Privacy Policy” pages. You can also add other pages as you want but these two suffice.

Key take-away point: First things first, complete the set up and basic customization of your blog and adding important pages.

How I Proceed with My New Website for Adsense

I must tell you that whenever you set up a blog and you intend to monetize it with Adsense, you need to find the right time to apply for it. Google has maintained strict conditions now since every new website has to be approved manually, despite having an approved Adsense publisher account.

So let me go back to my blog. I started writing contents. These contents are meaningful, informative and written in a proper English. More importantly, they are not thin contents (say below 400 words). And I made sure to add relative pictures to add to the article content. This gives a more vibrant look, draws interest and also adds reason to be indexed via Google images search.

Struggle to make Money with Adsense.jpg

I add articles which are written from my heart and mind, from past experiences, to help other start up bloggers. I wrote one piece almost on alternate days. Then I build internal links between my post contents.

Key Take-away point: Your contents must be meaningful, unique and preferably not thin. Adding internal link has nothing to do with Adsense but it’s important for SEO.

How Long does Adsense Take for Approval of New Website?

This is perhaps one of the most important and frequently asked questions by new bloggers. There is no absolute solution to this. It simply depends. It depends on your site, it depends on the availability of resources at Google’s end. Since new websites submitted for Adsense approval are reviewed by real human, it takes longer time.

However, as stated by the company itself, it may take up to 14 days. On or before the 14th day, you will receive your reply in your email – whether your application is approved or your site is not yet ready to show Adsense ads.

Usually, you will get back your answer within the first 7 days. One thing to note here is that once you apply for Adsense, do not make unnecessary changes to your site including theme, URL migration such as ww to non www and vice versa. I would also recommend you to not apply for Adsense programme if you intend to migrate your hosting.

Key take-away point: Be patient and don make unnecessary changes except adding new contents untill approval.

How Much Traffic is Required to Apply for Adsense?

Another question most start up bloggers ask frequently is regarding the traffic requirement of their blog. Let me tell you that you do not require any visitor to your blog and traffic has nothing to do with Adsense approval on a new domain or new blog.

Your primary focus should rather be on the content and the type and quality of content you add to your blog. For this, it’s important to go through Adsense Publishers Policy. But since it’s a pretty long one and many blogger don’t like to read or understands it, let’s break up into 1-2 easy points for you.

Adsense Approval and Website Traffic Requirement

Your content should comply with Adsense policy. No adult content, no hacking, phishing or spammy or scraped content is allowed. Besides, software downloads and cracked serial numbers, live streaming apps free download or tricks to use such premium services for free etc will also give you a reason for rejection.

The list is only partial and not complete but this frequent mistake by new bloggers are the main hindrance to their getting Adsense approval on their new domain or blog.

Key take-away point: Traffic is not important for approval (although for earning), but content and compliance to policy is of utmost importance.

Moving forward After getting Approval

As said earlier, I got approval within 7 days of applying for Adsense. That’s a total of 15 days since registering the new domain. Pretty impressive? Yeah I know there are other ways to get Adsense approval in much lesser time – maybe 2-3 days and I will discuss them later. No trick is involved, just legitimate work and you’ll know how it’s done.

So moving forward, the next focus will be on adding more contents, working on SEO and start driving traffic to my blog. Getting Adsense approval on a new domain is just the start of your journey to make money with your blog. There’s a long way to go.

You’ll make more money if you receive more traffic to your blog. So you have to start working on getting traffic. Did you know that you can use social media such as Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog for free?

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