My name is Sangzel Tonsing. My dad started this blog in 2020 to put out his thoughts and experiences from his blogging journey since 2011. Sangzel.com aims to provide the best of informational tips, product and services reviews and other promotional articles on various products related to blogging, affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

There are various tools and tips available online for new and aspiring bloggers and internet marketers. It’s our objective to collect from all over the web, and provide you with a brief, clear and concise presentation. We make our best effort to separate the chaffs from the wheat.

About Sangzel.com - The bloggers resource

We take pride in high quality unique content that’s meaningful to users like you. Every tip and informational content we provide is well researched and applied. Every product we reviewed is genuine and is the best at its category and niche.

For the majority of you looking to become a successful solopreneur, this is a good place to start with. Follow our guide, benefit from the guidance we provide and be on your way to becoming your own boss in much lesser time than you’d otherwise be. Blogging is wonderful. From hobby to business houses, it’s a modern day diary in the digital world.

You can contact us anytime if you’d like to give your feedback or just to get in touch with us. You can also reach us directly at info [@] sangzel.com.

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